Gretel & Arno Motulsky - 2009
Gretel & Arno Motulsky - 2009

The annual Arno & Gretel Motulsky lecture was established in 2009 to celebrate & honor the career of pioneering human geneticist and Division of Medical Genetics founder Arno G. Motulsky, MD, DSci, and his wife Gretel. This is a trainee-driven annual speaking program our Division of Medical Genetics. Fellows and residents will select, invite, and host speakers who will add to their educational experiences.


Past speakers

2021 - Marc S. Williams, MD

2020 - Postponed

2019 - Dianna Milewicz, MD, PhD

"Genetic Basis of Thoracic Aortic Aneurysms and Dissections and Other Vascular Diseases: Mechanistic Insights from the Patients"

2018 - The Arno Motulsky Memorial Symposium

2017 - Greg Barsh, MD, PhD

"Genetics of color variation in a post-genome world"

2016 - James R. Lupski, MD, PhD

“From bar to bor and more…Genetics & Genomics of Charcot-Marie-Tooth and Other Diseases”

2015 - Leslie G. Biesecker, MD

“Two sides of a coin: Mosaicism and the molecular taxonomy of disease”

2014 - Huda Zoghbi, MD

“A neural tipping point: MeCP2 and neuropsychiatric disorders”

 2013  - Jeffrey C. Murray, MD

“Some You Win, Some You Lose: Tales From a Career in Gene Discovery”

 2012  - Jim Evans, MD, PhD

"Rare is the New Common: Realizing the promise of genomics in medicine & public health"

 2011  - James D. Watson, PhD

“Genes and Mental Health”

 2010  - Holmes Morton, MD

“Caring for the Patient” in the Time of Genomics Small Science in a Rural Clinic"

 2009 -  Joseph L. Goldstein, MD

"The Metabolic Syndrome: A Vicious Cycle Fueled by Genes and Diet"

Trainees with Motulsky Lecturer, Dianna Milewicz in 2019

Trainees with Motulsky Lecturer, Dianna Milewicz in 2019