Daniel Sabath
Associate Professor
Laboratory Medicine
Adjunct Associate Professor
Medical Genetics

Faculty Information

Education & Training: 
University of Pennsylvania, 1989
Hematopathology Fellowship
University of Washington
Laboratory Medicine Residency
University of Washington
(206) 897-5215
Mailing Address: 

Box 359743
325 9th Ave.
Seattle, WA 98104

Research & Clinical Interests
Research Interests: 

Dr. Sabath’s current research focuses on detection and characterization of circulating tumor cells. In collaboration with a local startup company, RareCyte, Inc., he has validated their circulating tumor cell assay for clinical use and is currently investigating the application of this technology for evaluating expression of other biomarkers in circulating tumor cells.

Dr. Sabath is also involved in clinical research in hemoglobin disorders and coagulation testing.

Clinical Interests: 

Dr. Sabath directs the Hematology and Coagulation laboratories at the UW Medicine - Montlake campus and Harborview Medical Center. He also directs the Red Cell Disorders Laboratory and Special Coagulation laboratory, both located at Harborview Medical Center. In addition, Dr. Sabath is actively involved in the Molecular Hematopathology laboratory operations, with significant signout responsibilities in that area. Finally, Dr. Sabath serves as a hematopathology consultant for the Harborview anatomic pathology services.

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