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Cancer Genetics
Genome Research
Research Professor, Medical Genetics
Adjunct Professor, Laboratory Medicine


After completing my PhD, on the molecular pathology of breast tumors, I joined Dr. Mary-Claire King’s laboratory at the University of Washington as a postdoctoral fellow to study inherited predisposition to breast cancer.  I joined the Division of Medical Genetics in 2005 and took advantage of resources here to learn genomics technology.  This experience led me to develop a massively parallel sequencing resource for my collaborative work.  I was among the first to exploit exome sequencing to discover new genes for Mendelian diseases and to demonstrate de novo mutations are involved in schizophrenia.  In collaboration with clinical colleagues, I have helped develop and implement gene panel testing for breast, ovarian and colon cancer susceptibility at the University of Washington.

Education & Training

BSc, University College Galway, Ireland (1993)

MSc, University of Leicester, UK (1994)

PhD, University of Leicester, UK (1997)


NARSAD Young Investigator Award (2007)

Member of Stand Up to Cancer Ovarian Cancer Dream Team (PIs Alan D’Andrea and Elizabeth Swisher) (2016)

Research Interests

Dr. Walsh's research includes the genomic analysis of breast and ovarian cancer and the discovery of new genes for simple and complex diseases.  He is also interested in clinical applications of sequencing technologies.



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