Medical Genetics Seminars


Dec 8
"Talk Title TBD"
Liz Blue, PhD
Dec 15
"Talk Title TBD"
Sirisak Chanprasert, MD
Jan 5
"Talk Title TBA"
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Seminar speakers include local faculty, trainees, and external invited guests. Topics include review of current clinical advances in medical genetics and genomic technologies.

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  • Every Friday 12:30-1:30pm in Autumn, Winter and Spring quarters.
  • Held in person in HSB K-069 and via Zoom, Register in Advance

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Nov 17
"Improving Access to Cancer Genetic Testing at Diagnosis of Cancer"
Marianne Dubard-Gault, MD
Oct 27
“The Genetics of Pediatric Surgical Epilepsy Disorders: Successes, Challenges and Future Avenues”
Ghayda Mirzaa headshot
Oct 20
“iPSC SGE: Assessing Variant Effects in Differentiated Cell Types at Scale”
Vitruvian Man
Oct 13
“Applications of pangenomes: allele-specific copy number variation maps with ctyper”
Mark Chaisson headshot
Oct 6
“Resolving The Role Of Non-Coding Variants In Mendelian Conditions Using Long-Read Multi-Omics”
Andrew Stergachis headshot
Sep 29
"A Multi-National Collaborative Program to Combat Transnational Environmental Crime"
Vitruvian Man
Jun 16
“Genetic and phenotypic heterogeneity of childhood-onset hearing loss and implications for success of cochlear implants”
Ryan Carlson headshot
Jun 2
“Drug Repurposing Strategies for Treatment of Sickle Cell Disease”
Betty Pace headshot
May 26
“The X-Factor: Mosaic X-linked Adrenoleukodystrophy Identified Through Newborn Screening”
Alexandra Keefe headshot