Medical Genetics Seminars



Seminar speakers include local faculty, trainees, and external invited guests. Topics include review of current clinical advances in medical genetics and genomic technologies.

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  • Every Friday 12:30-1:30pm in Autumn, Winter and Spring quarters.
  • Held in person in HSB K-069 and via Zoom, Register in Advance. Meeting ID: 927-9676-7343, Security Passcode: 401571

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May 17
Dual session with 30 minute presentations each
Al Conner headshot photo
Arthur Lenahan headshot photo
May 10
"Non-Invasive Prenatal Screening at UW: Harnessing the Power of A Homegrown Assay"
Teodora Kolarova headshot photo
Apr 25
"Expansion Disease in Neurogenetics"
Alexandra Durr headshot photo
Apr 19
“Next Generation RNA Vaccines – from Development to Deployment”
Darrick Carter headshot photo
Apr 12
"Developmental and regenerative mechanisms as a foundation for rare disease therapy"
Image of Dr Klein
Apr 5
"Unraveling Genetic Mechanisms in Autoimmune Diseases"
Image of Dr. Jarvis
Mar 22
"Insights from genomics into immune disorders"
David Hawkins headshot
Mar 8
"Genetic Family History: Past, Present and Future"
Robin Bennett headshot
Mar 1
“Genetic Studies of Human Hematopoiesis”
Vijay Sankaran headshot