Clinical Fellowships

We offer ACGME-accredited fellowship training in Laboratory Genetics & Genomics (LGG) and ACGME-accredited training for physicians in Molecular Genetic Pathology  (MGP) and Medical Biochemical Genetics (MBG).

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Laboratory Genetics & Genomics

This fellowship is open to individuals with an MD, DO, PhD or equivalent degree and is designed to provide the trainee with the ability to direct a molecular genetics, cytogenetics and genomics diagnostic laboratory.



Yajuan J. Liu, PhD, Program Director, Laboratory Genetics & Genomics

Hazel G. McMahan, Assistant Director of Education
Department of Laboratory Medicine & Pathology


Medical Biochemical Genetics

This fellowship is open to physicians who have completed residency training in Clinical Medical Genetics, and who wish to gain specialized training in the care of patients with inborn errors of metabolism. For more information, including how to apply, please contact the Program Director, Dr. Lam.



Christina Lam, MDProgram Director, Medical Biochemical Genetics Fellowship

Phone: (206) 987-3012

Molecular Genetic Pathology

The Molecular Genetic Pathology (MGP) fellowship is a sub-specialty training program leading to potential certification by the American Boards of Pathology and Medical Genetics on successful completion of this ACGME-accredited fellowship and subsequent board examination.  The overall goal of the program is to specifically train fellows in the practice of diagnostic molecular pathology, the use and interpretation of molecular laboratory techniques, and in the independent administration and directing of a molecular laboratory.

The Molecular Genetic Pathology program is managed in the Department of Pathology.



David Wu, MD, PhDProgram Director, Molecular Genetic Pathology

Phone: (206) 288-7662